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 Bo0T_Lucifer***^ vs PD_nec_Tarnation

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PostSubject: Bo0T_Lucifer***^ vs PD_nec_Tarnation   Wed Apr 20, 2011 3:06 pm

Opponents : Bo0T_Lucifer ( Hades ) vs PD_Tarnation ( Hades )

Time : 9 : 52 minutes

Link :

Hadnt played hades in some time , had shifted to Isis . Tried walling in but it wasnt early enough , so i shifted to Gata Colo for UW while making sure his other tc's cudnt get built. In the end , i didnt actually need to use UW , the colo + gastra combo became unbeatable , and i went forward to down his main tc . He built around the map and tried in vain to down my main tc and prevent the third one from being built .

Nowi had 2 tc's while he had none , and had only a few villagers left , giving me the win . Overall quite a good game , enjoyed it . Wink


There is No One who cannot be defeated and Nothing that cannot be done .

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PostSubject: Re: Bo0T_Lucifer***^ vs PD_nec_Tarnation   Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:38 pm

Hey, that's another great example for showing that heavy side build is a bad idea. Tarnation made a couple of other errors, like not training any significant cavalry troops, forward at the start, bah... You rocked him xD
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Bo0T_Lucifer***^ vs PD_nec_Tarnation
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