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 TOAO_Caleb's Hades 2 TC "power rush"

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PostSubject: TOAO_Caleb's Hades 2 TC "power rush"   Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:55 am

(This guide belongs 100 % to Caleb, i just copied and pasted.)
In this guide I will be explaining the
general basics of a Hades straight down the
middle power rush . This strategy and it' s
on- the- fly variances helped me attain my
first run to # 1 on ESO 4 months after AoT
came out when zeus was dominating the
previously top god Loki .
This strategy is most effective against other
greek but you will not find many eggy
players who can effectively defend against
1. Primarily wood / gold based which have
faster base gather rates than farming and
also do not cost another resource to start
gathering (such as farms ).
2. Does not require a lot of focus on many
areas of the map.
3. If done effectively it only requires 2 tc' s
up in an orderly fashion and you can afford
to be slow on your 3rd.
1. Due to focus on one area of map your
transition to trade after gold mines are
used is a little slow .
2. Home base is a little susceptible to
raiding .
3. Does not have bellerephon .
1. Attain a full- pop army quicker than the
opponent and begin taking ground.
2. Keep enough pressure to prevent
opponent from ever attaining more than 2
tc' s.
3. Split his forces up right down the middle.
The reason I call this a 2 tc power rush is
because due to the amount of vills forward
building you will most likely only be able to
secure 1 of your side tc' s as the other will
be very vulnerable to raiding and you want
to keep most all your army population at
the front lines. I found it most effective to
plan on only having 2 until my rush
progresses further into the game.
Ares >Apollo >Artemis
1. All vills on temple , take 1 off to make
houses and create 1 villager to be sent to
wall off the second tc you want built .
2. Send scout up middle to see how far up
your opponent is building so you get an
idea for where the fighting will take place
(very important) .
3. When temple is about 70 % finished
take 6 of the 8 villagers building it and send
them in front of your town towards your
enemy to make a middle forward build.
4. As you hit classical things get hectic . You
need to create both heroes to send and
protect your forward build, create 2- 3 more
cyclops to protect forward, put the 2
villagers that finished your temple to
making an armory.
5. Your 6 forward villagers also need to
start on creating 4 archery ranges , 2
stables , 2 barracks . I find this most
effective by telling all 6 to start building an
archery range in the middle of where i want
to build and then single click vills off of that
building to build other around it , telling the
last vill to place the extra buildings on the
ground to finish off what you need .
6. The amount of time to train both heros is
about the amount of time it takes for 2 vills
to build an armory so advance through
apollo when this is accomplished then send
the 2 vills to making a market. Also train
your 3 rd hero (achilles horse hero) instead
of creating a villager.
soon as humanly possible when the
forward buildings are built you need to
start queuing up units ! I cannot stress the
importance of doing this for this strategy to
work effectively. This will require single click
queuing units these units because each
building will most likely finish creating at
different times . Not doing this is the
equivalent of starting a match and just
staring at your vills for 10 seconds before
you start creating a temple . That is stupid
and you wouldn ' t do that so dont wait for
this either !
*NOTE * As you can see with heavy foward
and 2 vills on armory/ market it will be hard
to effectively prepare to take a 3rd tc but
you will be putting your opponent in the
same position. The only difference is that
his difficult 3 rd tc will be the one in his
home base!
8. When the foward villagers finish their
buildings have them start on a fortress right
in front of your forward buildings to
replenish heros / create helepolis . After
fortress they will start supporting your
forward army by beginning an aggressive
tower push .
9. Your 2 market vills + 1 hosue creating vill
will begin making a fortress in your base
incase you need to replenish heros from
there if your first fortress falls so you dont
have to waste tc time. In mythic make
perseus from forward fortress and original
tc vills will go to making your 2nd tc until it
is finished .
10 . Use pestilence as early and effectively
as possible and save UW to counter his .
Make sure your gastraphetes are constantly
destroying every building you come across
as your make your path to his tc and your
other units keep pushing through killing his
units before he can group them up. When
earthquake comes up it will most likely
clear a lot of space in his base
11 . When your vills finish your 2 nd tc send
that group to fortify / prepare to build on
your 3 rd ( i know its slow but it works ).
Start your original tc vills on your initial
gold pile and vills from your second tc on
wood .
12 . A majority of your time will be spent
managing your forward army but as you get
faster you can send groups of 2 -3 hops or
hipps to harass enemy tc building early , or
his side building.
13 . Once mythic you can make chimaera. If
you can micro to kill vills please attempt to
do this as it will slow his rebuild time down
14 . KEEP IN MIND! Using pestilence and
making this forward most likely means your
opponent has not been able to use many
resources and it is possible for him to have
built somewhere on the map and still be a
pain if he can make a big UW or raid on
your base so make sure you have your UW
saved for the pure purpose of countering
his .
15 . Up to this point a game vs a greek who
decides to side build should be pretty
predictable except that you may have to UW
a large helepolis / hop rush from his
sidebuild or UW which could make you trip
up a bit. After this point however , it is a lot
of damage control and just grabbing more
tc' s and lasting his leftover resources which
dont hjave much of a source of
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ID ID : 375862
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PostSubject: Re: TOAO_Caleb's Hades 2 TC "power rush"   Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:05 pm

This strategy is basically the easiest dm strategy for beginners and mediums, but dont think that there are no counters to it. the point it is that your enemy actually has to be better than you to beat this. Just remembr to have loop on vills until your eco is stable and you are a winner.
Here are 2 games of mine where i defend as zeus
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PostSubject: Re: TOAO_Caleb's Hades 2 TC "power rush"   Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:22 pm

Looks like a huge poem. I like poems, so started reading it.

EDIT :-Great guide. Explains the strategy very well except he didn't tell about economy management.
I think that farming is faster than gold gathering and forests cause you need to constantly waste time in moving the villagers to new spot once finsihed. Its not the same in farming. Anyway you will need more food for making villis and caravans so wood based army is better.

Last edited by Evil_Vegito on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:55 pm; edited 1 time in total
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ID ID : 375862
Posts : 674
Points : 833
Reputation : -16
Join date : 2010-10-17
Age : 25
Location : Hungary

PostSubject: Re: TOAO_Caleb's Hades 2 TC "power rush"   Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:41 pm

lolz yeah Caleb is a big Poet xD
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PostSubject: Re: TOAO_Caleb's Hades 2 TC "power rush"   

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TOAO_Caleb's Hades 2 TC "power rush"
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