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 WHat dod i do WRONG?: thor vs zeus on highlands

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PostSubject: WHat dod i do WRONG?: thor vs zeus on highlands   Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:12 am
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PostSubject: Re: WHat dod i do WRONG?: thor vs zeus on highlands   Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:39 am

1. Templed and up FAR too late. Make second dock after you go classical.
2. Should have stopped making ulfsarks when u saw he was doing hop+tox and focussed only on RC+TA. Ulfsarks are only worth spamming after u fully upgrade them having gone bragi, you went skadi so it was kinda pointless to make them when ur opponent wasnt even making Hippikons. For some reason, you gave up on making RC all together later in the fight for no apparent reason. He was still making Archers and Hypaspists which RC counters best.
3.You had many opportunities to go Heroic but you didnt. You didnt use those resources into funding your army or getting upgrades. Upped heroic much later.
4. Started building forward towers when u hadnt even upgraded them, waste of resources, time and army idle.
5. Though it was a nice attempt with the longboats, you didnt micro effectively so that his units were in range hence waste of pop and resources. This will come with practice
6. Didnt scout too well. I think you could have scouted a lot better, and you went for a far off gold because u didnt see one which was close to your base where u started rebuilding which resulted in ur gold getting hit.
7. Suicided many units at 21 minutes for no reason. Resulting in no mythic, loss of a buttload of resources.
8. late game. Going mythic was essential because you could start making Ballista. Ballistas PWN!!! He was spamming infantry, this was a nobrainer. This links back to a point Mirez made on another topic. Dont let your resources go past 1.5k for any of them. If you have too much of one resources, macromanage, move your villagers around to get others. Thor has great flexibility with his dwarfs. Get upgrades. If you have a lot of resources and u dont know what to do with them, get upgrades. Upgrade anything and everything. Obviously you should upgrade relevant things first like Eco, armory, unit upgrades(medium, heavy, champion etc) then other random stuff. You didnt get any eco ups after handaxe and picaxe that i saw.
9. You had 2 Seige ships just sitting there at 23mins or so when you could have the Fortress he was building. Not having to deal with it after it was built. Also if you had gotten Mythic asap you could have upgraded ur siege ships to do tonnes more damage and without getting hit.
10. Moment you went heroic, you should have started a trade. You had low gold and a lot of food and wood that you werent using

Proof you wasted so many units and didnt upgrade enough, or make the right units: You killed 123 units. Lost 254. More than double. There was virtually no micro so you cant really say he had better micro.

He didnt even attack ur fishing in the beginning. Should have been an easy fight for you. Just need to concentrate on getting faster in general. I felt you were doing things too slowly when i was watching. For example when u start. As the game is loading, spam the H and V button so that ur TC queues villagers immediately. Then as soon as you see your screen, cast GP as fast as you can and quickly move your 2 dwarves to mine from it.
Really cant understand why u spammed so many ulfs. That pretty much lost you the game as well.


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WHat dod i do WRONG?: thor vs zeus on highlands
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