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 ShAnEy_BoY__ vs SoulEdge Isis vs Isis

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PostSubject: ShAnEy_BoY__ vs SoulEdge Isis vs Isis   Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:31 pm

I've decided to learn another God besides Kronos... been practicing with Isis 3 days now... was a very close game... he almost had me twice but I did what all eggy's do when back into a corner lol... spam black people lol

Estimated Note (on 10) : 6/10 (This guy owned me 4 games in a row with Loki)
Number of players : 2
Type : Supremacy
Map :Ghost Lake
Duration : 41mins
Players' name with gods(arranged by team) : Trini_Warrior aka ShAnEy_BoY__ (Isis) vs SoulEdge(Isis)
Short description : Priest rushed, countered, raided, defended, spammed cheap, lamed mercs... lol!
Link to dl the game :

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PostSubject: Re: ShAnEy_BoY__ vs SoulEdge Isis vs Isis   Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: ShAnEy_BoY__ vs SoulEdge Isis vs Isis   Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:54 am

Went a bit too far with the lumber camps. If you run out of houses, build walls instead, they are much stronger. You can also use your temple and Armory like houses to block off towers too. Late to advance, should have built a monument fairly soon near the front of ur TC. Villagers idle for too long after you started upping. When playing isis against isis its usually much better to go fast heroic. Classical fight isnt really recommended because Egyptians' classical units are very weak.
To counter his priests if you were going to CF, you should have used slingers only, ranged and could also counter opposing slingers. Spearmen just ate up your food fast and is kinda pointless because eggy's dont have cavalry in early age.
Also just a general note, theres no point to spamming priests if you're not heroic because theres no siege. You wont be able to hurt your opponent as much.
Too many villagers on wood. Eggys arent that dependant on wood. 6-7 villagers on wood max. You shouldnt have more than 1.5k of any resource at any time. 6k wood is rediculous. You also kinda overdid it with the caravans lol
One more tip. Once you get heroic, start using heroic units lol, like siege and elephants and cavalry archers.

The wall between the two sets of trees was good though, made your gold mine more secure and if you took that TC first it would have been very good for your eco. I would recommend watching some expert recs.


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PostSubject: Re: ShAnEy_BoY__ vs SoulEdge Isis vs Isis   

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ShAnEy_BoY__ vs SoulEdge Isis vs Isis
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