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 how do you stop minions and ecilpse with greeks

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PostSubject: Re: how do you stop minions and ecilpse with greeks   Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:56 pm

EVIL_NeOtron wrote:
and if you are angry bcos some deleted your posts and accused of spamming then lemme tell u something some moderators of this forum think that they are the highly responsible for maintaining the peace and order in this forum but the reality is that this forum is quite new and so it usually very peaceful , so the moderators dont get any chance to show their power . i mean they find themself jobless Wink and so they start warning and sometimes flaming whenever they get chance to do so even when some poor guy did a little mistake like posting the recs in diff posts Laughing calling them spammers or something like that (as if double posting will take up all the web space of this forum or hurt someone Wink ). but its not really their fault. as u see they are jobless here and they gotto showoff their power in every little things I love you so please DEATH dont take all this little things on heart and make peace with eveyone. as everyone here is doing their job even myself.....

AND as i acknowledge that moderators are always looking for an opportunity to show off their power .here i'll give them a little job to show off thier power.
Now i'll be showing off how the really spamming is :

And soon one or the other moderator will post a warning for me to stop spamming or i'll get banned :p . and in the end i'll apologize there by solving the little faceoff and thereby giving the mods some job :p . here i go
Lol, seriously, double posting/spamming is not allowed for a reason. Its pointless, messy and its just annoying. I dont know how I'm suddenly the bad guy for retaliating and trying to keep the forum clean. You had a point and sounded like a decent person until you said all of what i just quoted. I don't what "power" you think I have. All i can do is lock, move or delete topics and edit/delete comments. I have never abused these 'powers' and have used them based on the rules that I posted and Rage agreed with. Im not always looking for a chance show off my 'powers', I'm not a 12-15 year old kid like some of those in your clan. I have much better things to do. So all of what you said above is just stupid. As for the posting recs, I merely ASKED Shaney nicely to post in one topic as he is keen on posting recs, it helps the forum look neater and easier to go through. I don't see why trying to keep a forum clean is such a problem for you guys.


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PostSubject: Re: how do you stop minions and ecilpse with greeks   Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:47 pm

Very Happy that's what i expected thankyou Smile .......
Anyway i apologize for my spamming Smile .....

And lemme clear myself what i wanted to say in the above post :
1) i never said MODS are bad .i said they are doing their job . i never mentioned ur name .
2) i neither defended nor flamed anybody Smile
3) Above post was to persue that death should apologize.
4) i dont support spamming or double posting but the reason i spammed is already served Smile .

Again i apologize for my spamming ..... and if u felt bad then i m sorry for that too Smile
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PostSubject: Re: how do you stop minions and ecilpse with greeks   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:41 am

heres my advice go semi fh with all greeks vs eggy who u know are fh robots. If they classical fight pwn them hard!! If they fm find out fast and fm urself, boom or rush hard. adv at 515 with hero and harass their eco with ur hero+mu+around 8 hipps. Then get heroic asap. high hunt around 900-930. Low hunt 1000-1030. Ur goal is to delay their heroic time find where ur opp goldies are and kill them. Vs isis use magyar style. vs ra go full hipps if possy, boom with hades, zeus do wat eva u like. vs set go hermes and laugh (Find mid force him to use anc in defense then use cease to stop mid and ancestors.) :p. With hades archer spam and map control. Make sure to have heroes, walls, and fotress to stop a+e. Also late game go full colloses Helop and ur unique unit. Mix in petrob. Smile hope this advice helps a but.
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PostSubject: Re: how do you stop minions and ecilpse with greeks   

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how do you stop minions and ecilpse with greeks
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