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 [Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM)

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[Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM) Empty
PostSubject: [Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM)   [Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM) EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 10:39 pm

Zeus vs Zeus, one of the best games i had recently. I try a forward base right in front of his settlement location, and get inside with hops sooner than he expects me to. Kept him on 1 tc all the time, but he did the same to me. Multi front fights kept him busy, and i took out his buildings. He does an underworld on me, thank god my armory was placed correctly, and blocked the path. Killing uw on "his" side, and sending in hop waves, + uw with everything u can imagine.
Didn't notice until he said so, but i killed all but 1 villager. Eco is terrible in this game, we were too busy with microing.
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[Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM)   [Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM) EmptyTue Apr 05, 2011 6:28 am

Pretty nice game ... ! He was good but failed to make any defenses ,whereas u were well fortified with towers . This made his underworld ineffective which prolly won u the game . Wink


There is No One who cannot be defeated and Nothing that cannot be done .

[Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM) Lucife10
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[Bo0T] Nakamura vs [PD] Nec_Tarnation (DM)
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