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 Me vs Eternal Gol3m, zeus war (DM)

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Me vs Eternal Gol3m, zeus war (DM) Empty
PostSubject: Me vs Eternal Gol3m, zeus war (DM)   Me vs Eternal Gol3m, zeus war (DM) EmptySun May 08, 2011 5:10 pm

I had 2 zeus wars with a guy called Eternal Gol3m on voobly.
The first isn't worth posting, i was too slow at everything and i got attacked by 30 hoplites on my Tc while he fortified like mad...
In the next match though i expected the same zeus lame coming, and chose hermes there, raided his wall vills with cents and hippika, took down settlements being built, did a fake attack on his main Tc, while going for another heavy raid. While this i went 2 Tc, and then it was time for an underworld attack with my idle colossoi and vills. He invoked ceasefire, but didn't try to get his 2nd Tc hard enough, so i could down it with a colossus and i also killed those vills with hippika. While all this my 3rd Tc was up, and i built barracks and towers like mad at his main TC (inspiration by Ekin vs Prophet match xD). Once i cleared his main Tc site sufficiently, i got there more vills, then i got underworld-ed on my third Tc with loads of helepolis. Invoked cease here myself, and captured his ex-main TC and his 2nd TC. He secured my ex 3rd the same way i did at his main. After this the match turned into a stalemate of who could hold the existing Tc-s better, and do the other more damage. He started launching helepolis attacks on one side and defensive fights at the other, then the other way around.
How is it going to end? Does my superior eco and map control win, or rather the population control by downing Tc-s and houses of gol3m?
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Me vs Eternal Gol3m, zeus war (DM)
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