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 2v3 bmfs gg

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2v3 bmfs gg  Empty
PostSubject: 2v3 bmfs gg    2v3 bmfs gg  EmptyWed Apr 04, 2012 1:26 pm

Number of players : 5 ( Total it was 6; giby got dc in early game)
Type : Supremacy
Map : Watering Hole
Duration : 50:03
Players' name with gods(arranged by team) :bmf TinTin( hades), bmf Ioluz(thor) vs titan (Odin), zap taka(Isis), ookami (hades)

Short description : hmm..I never took the match seriously after giby got dc,and was just in game coz one of my ally was there...i kept minimizing the game and worked on the bmf forum in starting and also wasted underworld for nothing but suddenly i realized i must try...and from that instance we followed a weird strategy...i decided to boom hard and let my ally face 2v1 and i destroy red in the mean time and thn i will face thm 3v1 so that my ally gets time( not to mention Red was utter noob but he kept attacking at my tc and bases at various instances with elder cyclops, hoplites,archers pack etc and also helped them in defence ; he always showed his presence in the game so it doesnt matter whether he was noob it was 3v2 still) i failed to destroy red completely coz my ally was at dead end so it was my turn & i went in & faced thm 3v1 till my ally build back his eco and army( that was hard time untill he came into action again)
this game is full of excitement as we faced Son of osiris, titan,ragnork ,elephant spam and lot of other things...i spammed archers in tons lolz..and also counter units like prodromos, peltasts etc and used dock units too XD

its not the first time i won 2v3 and giby won tons of thm...but i loved this game coz my score was *21,646* at the end

Link to dl the game :

2v3 bmfs gg  Odysseus2
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2v3 bmfs gg
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