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 gg me(Set) vs GDM_Ck(Zeus)

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gg me(Set) vs GDM_Ck(Zeus) Empty
PostSubject: gg me(Set) vs GDM_Ck(Zeus)   gg me(Set) vs GDM_Ck(Zeus) EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 6:25 pm

ok im not ego posting because this guy played really shitty, he had no clue what to do really.

i wanna know if what i did was right vs zeus on these maps cuz i feel like a better zeus player would have owned me on first match(map was midgard), second one i did 2 tc boom with slinger and wadgjet army and some priest because the map was oasis and this guy decided to make minotaurs on oasis LOL big waste of food instead i think he shud have done 3 tc boom but u tell me what he shud have done and also what i shud have done if i did not do the right thing ^^ thx bros.
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gg me(Set) vs GDM_Ck(Zeus)
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