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 Norse Gods Information

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PostSubject: Norse Gods Information   Norse Gods Information EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 6:39 am

Norse Gods Information

Aegir was a god of the sea, seashore, and oceans. He was often considered the overall personification of the ocean, be it both good or bad. Aegir's residence was none other than the waters under the island of Hlesey. He was also associated with the brewing of ale and was often known to do so for Thor. Because of this he was also known as a hospitable god, and frequently had quests in his halls. These guests were always mystified by the magical cups he had in his halls; they always magically refilled themselves upon being empty.

Other Names: Hler, Gymir

Father: Mistarblindi

Siblings: Ran, Loki

Wife: Ran

Children: 9, they were known as the waves

Depicted: Aegir was usually depicted as a god with a crown made out of seaweed, and always had a throng of mermaids or nixies in his wake. He was one of the Vanir, and therefore a giant.


Balder was considered the god of light, joy, spring, and peace. He was a very popular and well-liked god and warrior. He was extremely strong and gentle-hearted, but was sometimes considered a bit slow in the head. He was actually killed by his own blind brother when Loki tricked Hodur into throwing a dart of mistletoe at him. Mistletoe was the only thing of nature that was not asked by Frigga to not harm her son.

Tribe: Aesir

Ragnorak: Balder must remain in Hel until it is over and the Earth is reborn.

Depicted: Balder is usually represented as a very handsome god of fair hair and face.

Father: Odin

Mother: Frigga

Wife: Nanna

Siblings: Hodur, Hermond, Bragi, Tyr

Children: Forseti

Other Names: Baldur, Baldr

Myths: The Death of Balder, Voluska


Freya was the goddess of sex, fertility, love, prosperity, wealth, cats, seeresses and war. She was an extremely beautiful woman who was also called upon to be the patron goddess of births and the crops. Freya was the owner of the precious Brisings necklace. She had a special feather coat with which she could fly around the world, and was also known for having a chariot drawn by two huge male cats. Freya was a resident of Folkvang and divided all of the slain warriors with Odin.

Tribe: Vanir

Ragnarok: Frey will fight against the guardian of Muspell. He will fall victim to the giant Surt since he has given away his sword to his messanger Skirnir. Tyr, the god of war, will attack the hound of Hel, Garm while Loki and Heimdall engage in combat and die by each other's hand.

Other Names: Freyja, Freyia, Mardal, Moertholl, Syr

Father: Njord

Husband: Od

Children: Hnoss, Gersemi

Siblings: Frey

Holy Day: Friday

Sacred Animal: Cat, Swallow, Cuckoo, Lynx, Pig


Frigga was considered the goddess of love and fertility. It seems to me that she is very similar with the goddess Freya. She was also considered like the Fates in that she spun the thread of time. She carried all of the knowledge of eternity, but never revealed it to anyone. In order to protect her sons safety, she asked every living thing to spare his life. However, the only thing she forgot to ask was the mistletoe, and that flower killed him.

Tribe: Aesir

Other Names: Frigg, Friga

Father: Fjorgyn

Husband: Odin

Lovers: Ve, Villi

Children: Balder, Bragi, Hodur, Hermod, Thor, Tyr, Hodur


Hel was known as the queen goddess of the underworld. She was originally raised in Asgard with her father, but was later given the underworld of Nifelheim/Helheim as her domain. She presided over all of the dead but those who were killed in battle. Those who died heroically in battle ended up in Valhalla, the Hall of the Heroes. She was the sole goddess to decide the fate of those souls who entered her domain.

Depicted: Hel had quite a disturbing appearance; she was born with her bones exposed on the outside of her body. It is also sometimes said that she was both black and white. Her body was known as representing both sides of the spectrum.

Other Names: Halja, Hell, Hella

Father: Loki

Mother: Angurboda

Siblings: Fenrir, Jormungand

Tree: Elder

Plant: Holly

Sacred Objects: Wells


Hodur was the blind and somewhat slow god of winter, darkness, and the night. He was tricked into killing his brother with a spear and mistletoe by the god Loki. It is sometimes said then that he then took Balder's bride and made her his own. Hodur was later killed in-turn by the god Vali.

Tribe: Aesir

Other Names: Hod, Hoder, Hoth, Hodr

Father: Odin

Mother: Frigga

Siblings: Balder, Hermond, Bragi, Tyr


Loki was pretty much known as the god of mischief, deceit, and lies. He was also often associated with fire, and even sometimes evil in general. Loki's medling is what caused the god Hodur to kill his own brother. Being mean and playing tricks on the other gods and goddesses is what pleased him most. Loki often evaded capture by fleeing in the form of a salmon. He is represenetative of change and chaos.

Depicted: Loki is a shape-shifter and is known to take many forms. In some forms of art he is known as having bright red hair, eyes, and attire.

Ragnorak: Aids the giants. He will escape his bonds and sail northbound on a ship bearing the sons of Hel.

Father: Farbauti (frost giant)

Mother: Laufey (frost giantess)

Siblings: Odin (foster)

Wife: Angrboda, Sigyn

Children: Jormungand, Hel, Vali, Narvi, Fenrir


The Norns were three sisters that lived by the well Urdarbrunnur at the base of the tree Yggdrasil. They kept the tree plentiful and living by watering it each day themselves with water from the Well of Fate. They were very similar to the Greek Fates in that they determine the length of all men's and god's lives. They were therefore known to the be goddesses of fate, time, and destiny. Their decision will not waiver and cannot be swayed. The names of the three are: Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld.

Depicted: Urd is thought of as the old spinster, and is often depicted as old and withered. Verdandi is the most beautiful of the three and is always looking forward in life. Skuld is the most hidden of the three and is often pictured veiled or hidden.

Other Names: Dises, Idises, Hagedises, Disir

Father: Norvi


Depicted: Odin is often depicted as an older, grey-haired man wearing an old cloak. In some stores Odin is known for having one eye, and frequently wears a wide brimmed hat to provide coverage. In his hand he carries the spear Gungnir, and on his finger he wears the ring Draupnir.

Tribe: Aesir

Ragnorak: He will ride away on his horse Sleipnir to consult the head of Mimir for advice. The warriors in Valhalla will be sent to the plane of Vigrid with Odin. It is here he will be killed by the wolf Fenrir.

Other Names: Allfather, Ygg, Bolverk, Grimnir, Othin, Woden, Wodan, Wotan

Wife: Frigga

Children: Balder, Hoder, Hermon, Bragi, Tyr

Siblings: Vili, Ve

Animals: Wolves (Geri and Freki), Ravens (Hugin and Munin)


Thor was the mighty god of thunder, strength, agriculture, farmers, free men, rain, and fertility. He was known to crash giants and gods with his mighty hammer. Mjollnir (hammer) would return to his hand after being thrown, and was symbolic of lightning. In order to throw and weild this mighty hammer he needed the aid of this belt of strength and gloves made out of iron. He was best known as being an extremely powerful god, with an extremely violent temper.

Tribe: Aesir

Ragnarok: Thor will battle against the Midgard serpent and successfully slay it. He will take nine steps back and die from the poinsonous fumes the serpent spews.

Origin: Old sky god Donar.

Father: Odin

Mother: Jord (Fjorgyn)

Other Names: Thawr, Thunor, Donar, Thorr, Donner, Thunaer

Wife: Sif

Children: Magni, Modi, Thrud, Bragi

Day: Thursday

Symbol: Hammer-Mjoelner, Belt-Megingjord, Acorn


Ull was the god of winter, death, skiing, the chase, overall combat, archery, hunting and trapping, and snowshoes (of all things). He represents the northern winter and spends them hunting with Skade, and the summers in Helheim with Hel. It is said that he must spend time with Hel so that Odin can run the weather while he is gone (summer). Ull's name actually means glorious and was used in the naming of many places. Becuase of this, it was thought that he may have been a major god in earlier times.

Other Names: Ullr, Uller, Oller

Father: Thor or Aurvandil

Mother: Sif

Wife: Skadi

Weapon: Yew Bow


Unknown Information, I only scavenged this.

Father: Odin

Mother: Rind

Siblings: Thor, Vidar

Ragnorak: Survives until the end of the Earth.


Not much info here either except:

Vidar was the "silent" god of war.

Father: Odin

Mother: Grid

Siblings: Thor, Vali

Ragnorak: Avenges Odin's death and lives until the end of the world.

Info was extracted from Norse World Mythology.
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PostSubject: Re: Norse Gods Information   Norse Gods Information EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 7:38 am

thanks for sharing the norse mythology with us
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PostSubject: Re: Norse Gods Information   Norse Gods Information EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 11:45 am

weird thing is ... some gods had more fathers , like :bragi and tyr . (was there a gangbang , and they couldn't really decide , so they just spelt names ?Razz )
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PostSubject: Re: Norse Gods Information   Norse Gods Information EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 1:20 pm

I think it was a gang bang! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Norse Gods Information   Norse Gods Information EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 2:32 pm


Thanks for aom history ^^

The best defence is attack!
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PostSubject: Re: Norse Gods Information   Norse Gods Information EmptySat Sep 19, 2009 3:37 am

lmaoooo!!! the idea of a bunch of gods who look like cavemen having a gangbang gives me the biggest lolz xD
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you copied this did you lol?
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Norse Gods Information
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