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 Lucifer vs me - Deathmatch

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Lucifer vs me - Deathmatch Empty
PostSubject: Lucifer vs me - Deathmatch   Lucifer vs me - Deathmatch EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 9:24 pm

Very good match, enjoyed every second of it. I should play more with isis damnit Smile Used up godpowers like a noob...
One day I'll pummel you into the ground Luci! Match is broken into multiple parts, because I had to leave twice. Sorry for that.
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Lucifer vs me - Deathmatch Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lucifer vs me - Deathmatch   Lucifer vs me - Deathmatch EmptyWed Nov 10, 2010 3:00 pm

I already defeated lucifer , in lightning 5 - 2 Very Happy , in supremacy , & in DM : i think our scores would be 3(lucifer's) - 1(Mine) .. He is a pro in DM xD
Anyway, 1st game : It is only 53 sec long, in which all of you resign
2nd game : Make use of hot keys in the game man, atleast in the beginning. I would make "home" for settlements, & "End" button (or whichever you think is suitable for you) for villager. Then you can start vill production as soon as you start the game. Well, as to the game, I think you should stop trying to build forward base. & also make more vills, not just heroes frm your tc, & also use autoqueue button
3rd game : Gonna watch it later sry Smile
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Lucifer vs me - Deathmatch
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