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 epic game me vs AzN nErD

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PostSubject: epic game me vs AzN nErD   Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:44 am

from a 3v3 to a 1v1 everyone resgined for god knows what reason and me and azn were left very epic game...

thought i lost when he used earthquake on my town but thankfully it didnt do that much to my upgraded tc besides destroying almost all my houses lol

watch it

Estimated Note :Map control was my goal here.
Number of players :from 3v3 to 1v1 so really 2 lol
Type :supremacy of course
Map :hmm forgot...
Duration :hmmm..also forgot...its long under a hour though id say 40 mins
Players' name with gods(arranged by team) :InSTiLLFeAr(Poseidon)vs AzN nErD(Poseidon)
Short description :i used my god powers very wisely especially that golden armor one lol
Link to dl the game :
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PostSubject: Re: epic game me vs AzN nErD   Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:42 am

barely any raiding lets put it at that :p
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epic game me vs AzN nErD
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